New personalised advent calendars 2021

New personalised advent calendars 2021

This year we have something completely different launching for Christmas, something we have never done before and I honestly believe who ever receives this product will be truly  grateful and you never know there may even be some happy tears. Our advent calendar will be 12 days to Xmas, it will be completely personalised to you and is filled with a variety of items. Items include..

photo memories 

chocolates ( of course ) 

notes from you to them

a key ring with a photo of your choice

an angel tree decoration with a photo of your choice

gingerbread wax melt & a special offer from our local business puddle duck wax melts 

special offers from us ( going to keep these ones a secret )

personalised Xmas eve mug with photos/design of your choice


I can’t wait to launch this new product, hopefully this week!, keep your eyes peeled. 

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